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How to Discipline Kids while on Vacation

Vacations are a time to let loose, have fun, forget all your worries, and enjoy yourself. However, as a parent, that is not always possible when traveling with children. It can be hard finding the balance between letting children enjoy themselves while on vacation and when to say “enough is enough” with bad behavior. Finding the right level of discipline, so as to not ruin everyone’s vacation, can be a tricky situation but these tips might help.

How to Discipline Your Children During Vacations

Depending on the age of the child, the misbehavior may simply be a sign that he or she is tired. If this is the case, you can prearrange an hour everyday for napping or relaxation in your comfortable Downtown San Diego hotel room.

If the misbehavior is occurring in public, then it may simply be a request for attention. Reinforcing this behavior by giving them attention would be a reward. Instead, an effective method to use is an on-the-spot timeout. This works by sitting your child down, whether it’s the entrance to a restaurant or an aisle of a store. View their brief punishment as a temporary break for yourself as well.

Use Punishments that are Easy to Enforce

Not only is it important to set clear rules and guidelines about what is and is not appropriate while on vacation, but you also need to make sure both you and your children know what the repercussions are going to be if they choose to misbehave, and explain to them why the behavior won’t be tolerated. Consequences can include things like revoking cell phone privileges, instilling an earlier bedtime, or taking away some of their “vacation allowance” with each temper tantrum.

It’s important to realize that when you go on vacation, your job as a parent does not. In the end, disciplining your children will make the trip a better one, especially if you have a clear set of rules outlined before leaving for your travels.

With all this said, remember that vacations for you and your family should be fun! Let kids be part of the planning process so that they’re excited about the day’s activities, making them much more likely to stay in good spirits

Stay in a Family Friendly San Diego Hotel

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SeaWorld Expansion Project Just Announced

San-Diego-SeaWorld-shamuSeaWorld announced last Friday that they are going to be expanding some of their animal exhibits, including the pools housing killer whales. San Diego SeaWorld will be the first park undergoing renovations, which SeaWorld has dubbed the Blue World Project. The new Shamu enclosure isn’t expected to be finished until 2018, but there’s never a bad time to book a downtown San Diego hotel and plan a SeaWorld vacation.

The Blue World Project website claims that Shamu’s new tank will be “50 feet in depth and 1.5 acres of surface area will enhance dynamic opportunities for play, including a ‘fast water current’ that allows whales to swim across moving water.” Shamu’s new habitat will be able to hold twice the amount of water that it is now holding and will also feature a 40-foot underground viewing area, “providing guests with the world’s largest underwater viewing experience of killer whales,” according to a press release from SeaWorld.

Drawing of Sea World San Diego's newly imagined underwater viewing area. (

Artist’ s rendering of SeaWorld’s newly imagined underwater viewing area. – Courtesy of SeaWorld Entertainment


What the new Shamu enclosure is expected to look like after massive expansions. — Courtesy of SeaWorld Entertainment

Also part of the Blue World Project, Sea World has pledged $10 million for killer whale research and conservation.

SeaWorld San Diego is trying to enhance the visitor experience while also allowing guests to have an up close and personal look at one of the world’s most majestic animals: the orca.

Plan Your Trip to SeaWorld San Diego

From thrill rides and shows to events and exhibits, San Diego SeaWorld offers fun for the whole family. Right now visitors can enjoy Summer Nights through September 1, with extended hours, special shows, the funny Sea Lions Tonite performance, and nightly fireworks.

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How to Keep Kids Happy when spending the day sightseeing

Cranky, tired kids during what was supposed to be a fun day out sightseeing in San Diego can lead to time cut short and major attractions left by the wayside. Everyone in your family has expectations of fun during your multi-day vacation, but it’s important to remember that children may need a little extra care and support, especially if you’re planning a full day of exploring.

There’s a great deal to see and do in San Diego, and you don’t want to head back to the hotel early because the kids are worn out. When you plan ahead and make sure that children are comfortable, you’ll be able to take in more sights, from the five-star rated zoo to the beaches and incredible shops.

  1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

    Especially if you’re heading out early, make sure the kids get to bed early the night before. Tired children are less cooperative throughout the day, so make sure that they’re rested and just as excited to explore the city as you are! The best way to make sure everyone gets proper rest is by booking a comfortable and family friendly San Diego hotel, such as the downtown Marina Inn & Suites. Our hotel has a special Kids Suites complete with two Queen Beds with pillow-top mattresses and an adjoining room with a set of comfy twin bunk beds.

  1. Short Attention Span and Less Stamina

    When walking around time, be sure to maintain a brisk pace that children can keep up. If your children are young, a stroller is a must for sightseeing. Another option is to focus on bus tours where you’ll have breaks and rests throughout the day. If your little one will need a short mid-day nap, it will help to have the convenience of a centrally located hotel near the San Diego Airport.

  1. Bring a Backpack

    There are plenty of times to pack light, but not when you’re going out for a full day of seeing the sights with your kids in tow. Take a change of clothes in case there’s an accident and be sure to pack plenty of snacks.

  1. Let them Plan 

    Allowing kids who are old enough to be part of the vacation planning process makes them more invested in the trip and more eager to participate during outings. Encourage kids to make a list of things they want to see in San Diego and allow each child to pick at least one thing that everyone will do together.

  1. Give Kids an Allowance

    Kids always want a new toy or new treat. By providing your kids with a daily allowance, you’re giving them the opportunity to splurge on special items while also teaching them about responsibility and money-saving practices.


The key to traveling with kids is to make sure they’re well rested, well fed and invested in the day’s activities. Allow kids to take photos, journal about their experience and try new things within reason.

Start your trip off right by reserving your kid friendly and affordable stay at the downtown San Diego Marina Inn. For more information about our rooms and suites, free amenities and available discounts, call (619) 232-7551.